How Do We Do It?

  • Step One

    Each modular house component is transported from the manufacturing facility to the job site by professional drivers.

  • Step Two

    A steel beam is standard with our modular homes. This will allow for fewer support columns and more usable space in the basement.

  • Step Three

    A highly experienced set crew positions the first floor rear module on the foundation. The foundation sill plate and the first component is placed on half the steel beam.

  • Step Four

    The first floor front module is set in place (on the other half of the steel beam). Insulated 3/4 foam sheathing provides an increased R value, resulting in lower energy costs.

  • Step Five

    The rear second floor module is set and the hinged roof system is being raised. Our standard roof features a 6/12 pitch. Additional roof system options are available.

  • Step Six

    The front second floor module is positioned and set, with the roof lines coming together.

  • Step Seven

    Once set, the home is secure from weather elements, and the doors are set and ready to lock. The setting process typically takes around 3 hours.

  • Step Eight

    We will complete the remaining construction in about 8-16 weeks after the house has been set. There are many options that we can suggest for your new home or addition.