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Mariner Homes has the resources necessary to help you deal with the many issues that will arise before you can complete and occupy your custom home. We employ and partner with a full range of reliable and competent professionals that specialize in the construction of custom homes.

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    We help you obtain an appraisal of an existing home you want to sell or the lot on which you want to build your new custom home.

  • Financing

    We help you arrange appropriate financing. We have worked with some of the most reputable and established lending institutions in the industry.

  • Custom Home Design

    We help you design modifications and custom features you want in the modular home you elect to build.

  • Preliminary Survey Work

    Where are the property corners on your lot? Where would the driveway come in? Will you want or need a site plan or just a plot plan? What and where are the set backs or building restriction lines? Mariner Homes works with a number of professional civil engineers to help you address these issues.

  • Assessment of Site Development Costs

    Before Mariner Homes can put a final figure on your custom home costs, we help you determine your exact site development costs. These would include installation of your driveway, electric power, water supply and waste systems. They would also include any other special considerations your home site would require, such as special grading for a walk-out basement or clearing a wooded area.

  • Regulatory Requirements and Fees

    Will you have an impact fee? If so, how much? How about a storm water management review fee, soil study, traffic study, or a water and sewer category change? We help you determine the costs of various regulatory requirements for building permits, zoning and subdivision issues as well as impact fees and bonding requirements. It’s a jungle out there!

Before We Can


Before we can build, the most important thing you can do is to find a lot. If you haven’t purchased one yet, we can provide you with base pricing, options, and construction specifications to give you a general idea of how much a modular home will cost (if you are building it “in the air”). The project cannot move forward until the lot has been purchased or is under contract.

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