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How Will the IBS Bankruptcy Impact Modular Housing?

This is truly unfortunate.  XL and the other fine manufacturers that were under the IBS umbrella all had solid reputations as quality modular home manufacturers. In my estimation, they still do.
While acknowledging the sober tone of my coach’s blog we are conscious of how such a thing causes personal and often almost tragic disruption in human lives. What a fuck up! But this is business. And we chose this business.
The more trained mind can immediately see the brighter lining in this storm cloud. In the Mid Atlantic, our industry operates substantially under capacity. Recently, here in the mid Atlantic and nationwide, we have experienced a moderate recovery in residential construction. IBS went down when things were getting better. They had money in the pipeline. Damn shame.
Many of the surviving manufacturers are lean mean building machines. These machines will quickly absorb the human and mechanical capital of a dismembered IBS.  And this, of course, includes her production orders. The pastry dough will be picked up off the ground. We are all too hungry too long.
 Special thanks to our friends over at Katy for the info.
Read the full article on the IBS bankruptcy.


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