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Josh Margulies

My name is Josh Margulies and I am president of Mariner Homes LLC. As a custom modular home builder, I have been supervising the construction of residential housing in this area for the last 30 years. At some time during those 30 years I have dealt with every problem raised by, or involved in, the planning and construction of a single family home in this area. And during that 30-year period, I became aware of the development of a modular home construction process that produces houses of better quality and more efficiently than does conventional on-site building. Then there is the work I enjoy most. For here, sitting at my office, or at a manufacturer’s facility, or at your kitchen table, we get to truly know each other and fully develop the custom modular home you expect to move into and the full cost of putting that home in place. Every phase and detail of your new home is identified, reviewed, designed, priced, and decided upon before the first shovel of dirt is dug.
Joshua Margulies

President, Mariner Homes

Mariner Homes

Mariner Homes has, since its establishment in 1996, built over 75 custom homes employing modular technology.  We are licensed throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Among the great advantages of the custom modular home is the fact that the modules, which make up the basic frame of the house, are constructed in the controlled environment of a modern factory, using quality engineering and modular construction techniques which are monitored by quality control plans and in-plant inspections by third-party agents.

These modules are carefully wrapped at the factory, shipped by tractor-trailer to the home site, and are usually craned into place and the entire house set, secured, under roof, and fully enclosed in one day.

As custom modular home builders, we understand the importance in the complete satisfaction of our customers. What we deliver to them is the only measure of our success. If you are ready to build your own state-of-the-art modular home, please contact us.

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custom modular home builders

Our Team

Being a custom modular home builder does not eliminate the need for competent tradesmen and vendors in the field. A lot happens while the modules are being built at the factory. It is essential to have people with whom I can place implicit trust to prepare the home site for the components.

Once the components are set, connections are made between boxes by electricians and plumbers. An HVAC system is installed often using only the chase provided by the factory. I’ll have drywall finishers, painters, trim carpenters, and all manners of exterior finish men on the house. Framers will build porches, garages, and fire place chimneys. Mechanics will install systems that cannot be installed in the factory.

This is the Mariner Homes team. There are none that I have known less than a decade and I have known most for more than 20 years. There are people on my team that can claim a part in nearly every house I’ve built under the Mariner Homes name.

I am very proud of my team, and they are the foundation of Mariner Homes’ success.