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Mariner Homes is not only a team of competent modular home builders but partners in whom our clients can place implicit trust. Mariner Homes offers new home construction, remodeling and new room and building additions, as well as regular commercial building services in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. We have more than 30 years of experience in planning and overseeing modular building projects. Our Modular home building expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the Maryland and Virginia area, we recently won the HomeGuide Best of 2017 Award.

Unlike traditional new home builders, Mariner’s process moves much more quickly and cuts cost by substituting the old fashioned way of building a home or commercial building on-site with a prefabricated building.

Remodeling and Home Design

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Don’t mistake the term “modular” for “manufactured”. Manufactured homes (aka: mobile homes) are built more like a vehicle and made to be relocated at any time. Modular buildings are created just as sturdy as built-on-site units and are attached to the foundation in the same way. Once these homes are attached to the foundation, they can no longer be moved.

Modular Home Building 101:

How Does Buying a Modular Home or Building Save Time & Money?

Choosing to build your home with a modular design will reduce building time significantly. Ordinarily, constructing a home or building on-site takes months. But using a modular home builder provides the ability to complete the project within just weeks because the entire structure is built inside the manufacturing plant. And deciding to use a pre-built home will not force you to go without; modular homes and buildings may be customized to fit your dreams and needs just the same as any other build-out. Architectural engineers will assist with your design in the same way.

How Mariner Homes Saves You Time & Money

  •  Built Indoors

    Because modular construction is performed inside the factory, bad weather has no way of slowing down production.

  •  Building Inspections

    There is no waiting on municipal inspections as with typical on-site builds because all building inspections are performed at the manufacturing plant. By the time the building is removed from the factory, all building inspections have been completed.

  •  Durability

    Modular homes and buildings are so strong, they can withstand devastating winds up to 175 mph.

  •  Energy Efficient

    Modular buildings are made to save energy. As a matter of fact, they are also known as “Green Homes” (or Buildings).

  •  Valuable

    Modular homes and buildings are just as valuable as any unit built on-site. These are permanent and durable structures with the same depreciation rate with equal ability to obtain home loans. Tax rates will also be the same as site-built units.
    Once the modular home or building reaches its lot destination, you will still need to consider extra time and funding for other phases of the building project, such as adding electrical, plumbing and all other feature requirements for the home. In areas where basements are popular, this too will require additional time.

    The possibilities when deciding to buy a modular home or office building are endless. Anyone who has built a home or building both ways will surely agree that the best way to build a new home or office building is with modular construction. Find out more about modular homes by contacting the building contractors you can trust. Call Mariner Homes in Frederick, Maryland today at 240-674-1709 or simply submit your request here online. We also service homeowners and businesses in Washington D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Where Do We Build Modular Homes?

Modular Homes Maryland

  • Frederick Co.
  • Montgomery Co.
  • Washington Co.
  • Carroll Co.
  • Howard Co.

Modular Homes Virginia

  • Loudoun Co.
  • Fairfax Co.
  • Arlington Co.
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My name is Josh Margulies and I am president of Mariner Homes LLC. I have been supervising the construction of residential housing in this area for the last 30 years. At some time during those 30 years I have dealt with every problem raised by, or involved in, the planning and construction of a single family home in this area.

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